About horse racong

Betting on horse racing is one of the most traditional forms of betting in the world. These competitions have been held since ancient times. Events such as the Grand National in England, the Kentucky Derby in the USA and the Dubai World Cup Carnival, which are enjoyed by millions every year, are the pinnacle of modern sport.

The best thing about horse racing is that anyone can join it. They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be – your approach to horse racing is entirely up to you. You also have access to a staggering number of markets. Regardless of the time of year, you have the opportunity to win money in horse racing competitions, which are always happening somewhere!

What types of horse racing are there?

Parimatch horse racing is divided into three main types: without obstacles or smooth, with obstacles or hurdles, cross-country or steeple chase. Smooth races serve primarily to test young horses and identify their qualities in order to improve the breed. Barrier races are designed for horses with sufficient experience. As a rule, these are geldings.

Smooth and barrier jumps are based on the canter, that is, the fastest gait in three paces with a phase of unsupported movement. First, the first hind leg rests on the ground, and then the second hind leg with a diagonal front leg at the same time. After the first hind leg breaks off to start running, the horse rests on only one diagonal front leg. And only then comes the phase of unsupported movement.


What can you bet on in horse racing?

For viewers, this is not only an opportunity to see the famous festival live, but also to try their luck by playing on bets. Bookmakers attract players with favorable odds, and you can bet directly at the hippodrome or online. It is not difficult to do this, because all the races are broadcast on television.

Contrary to popular belief that bookmakers exclusively enrich themselves at such events, this does not always happen. So, in 2016, the bookmakers that accepted bets suffered losses of 73 million euros.

There are a lot of nuances in horse racing betting. A bettor should take into account a number of factors before placing a bet:

  • Weather on the day of arrival
  • Horse condition
  • Height and weight data of the rider
  • barrier height

The level of the trainer who trained the horse and jockey.

Bookies mainly accept Horse racing betting at Parimatch on the horse to win, whether the horse will make it to the finish line and which one will be higher, on the final place in the race, in the exact order. The list of events at bookmakers directly at the hippodrome is richer than online. You can bet on the Cheltenham Festival with foreign and Russian bookmakers.

Horse Betting tips, bets & odds

It’s not hard to place bets. Usually just place a bet, grab a ticket, and tear it up in desperation when it doesn’t pay off. However, if luck is on your side, you can collect your ticket and get your money from the winnings.

All you need to do is enter the name of the track, what race you are Indian Horse Racing Betting Parimatch on, how much you are betting, the type of bet you are making, the number of the horse, and then check your ticket to make sure everything is in order. right.

Horse racing is mostly pure luck for the players. Although there is common sense in this.

The best thing you can do is get to know horses and the people associated with them. Look at past races, their statistics, in what conditions the horse performs best.

Research can save you money. And also never be the best on your favorite horse, because statistically they only win 1/3 of the time. So, use your common sense, study the competition and do your research.

The odds will indicate how likely the horse is to win. 2/1 odds are great odds, but 7/1 odds are not that great. The lower the first number, the more loved the horse. However, the lower the number, the lower the payout will be.

For example, if you Horse racing odds at bet Parimatch 2/1 on a horse, it will most likely win, but if it does win, and you bet $10 on that horse, your payout will be only $30 (20 INR + your bet of 10 INR) . If you bet on a horse at odds of 7/1, that horse is less likely to win, but if it wins, you will receive INR 80 (INR 70 + your INR 10 bet).

parimatch horse racing

Horse live betting

The pre-match mode is considered the traditional option for betting, when the bettor has enough time to analyze matches, view statistics, etc. Such bets are concluded both a few hours before the start of the game, and a few days before the match.

However, live bets are also popular, when a Parimacth bet on horse racing India is made right during the match, in real time. Such bets are usually preferred by professional players who know the principles of sports betting, are familiar with popular copper strategies and understand how to make money on such a betting mode.

What are the main advantages of live betting? Players love them for increased odds and special features. Let’s understand the features of real-time betting.



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