CS GO Betting Odds

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that, without exaggeration, unites tens of millions of players from all over the world. This is not surprising, because here everyone has the same chance to win the world championship. It all depends on the speed of reaction and tactical thinking.

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Parimatch Betting on CSGO


In-play CS Go Betting at Parimatch

Cybersport KS GOU is virtual, but sport. Therefore, most gaming strategies can be used for csgo betting on matches. However, consider who is fighting – a team with real gamers or computer bots. In the second case, the esports discipline takes place in Live mode, it is not the strategy that is important, but the analysis of the online game. The player can notice a clear advantage of one of the parties in terms of protection level, weapon possession, balance of power on the map, etc.

In pre-match games, the following strategies are used:

  • Dogon. The player determines the game amount for himself and places a bet on a certain percentage of the limit, regardless of the sports predictions for matches and losing or winning the bet. The game continues until the limit is reached or the player decides to stop.
  • Peak bets. At the beginning of the game, the player sees and notes which cards were given, in which composition the teams play, which characters play with which arsenal. Based on this data, you can predict which team will win in CS GO.
    The most accurate information can be obtained from online games. And confirm the findings with other strategies.
  • Flat. Similar to catch-up, but the limit is a certain amount, and the rate is always the same. The rate should not increase if the player knows the outcome of the match for sure. This strategy is fair if the bets were not correct. Otherwise, he risks losing everything.
  • Forks. A player places a bet on CS GO in another bookmaker for the same match, but on a different outcome. There will be no loss, since one of the bets will definitely win. Advice: it is advisable to choose coefficients from 2.0 and similar in value.
  • A bet on a fresh play or Line. Bookmakers do not always accurately determine the correct coefficient, since there are practically no professional analysts, and when calculating they are guided by calculations, but not logic. As a result, on the outcomes of some events, you can see a coefficient of 3 and higher. In CS GO, such situations are rare, since the game has been on the eSports market for a long time, but it does happen. The player’s task is to find such a miscalculation and place a bet. Especially if the team is strong or the favorite.

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Parimatch Betting on CSGO

Parimatch CS GO Bonus Offers

The bookmaker “Parimatch” will give away 250 thousand rubles for the predictions on the events of the CS GO tournament.

To become a participant in the drawing, you must:

  • Register or log in to the Parimatch website;
  • confirm your participation on the promo page;
  • leave forecasts for the four proposed events;
  • place a single on e-sports in the amount of 250 rubles with a coefficient of 1.5.

One participant of the promotion can leave only one forecast on the promo page. The prize pool will be divided as follows:

  • 4 out of 4 correct predictions – 100 thousand rubles;
  • 3 out of 4 correct predictions – 70 thousand;
  • 2 out of 4 correct predictions – 50 thousand;
  • 1 out of 4 correct predictions is 30 thousand.

If two or more bettors give the same number of correct answers, then the prize fund will be divided between them in equal parts.

How to win back?

The received bonus must be used for bets with odds of 1.5. Until the end of the wagering, the player will not be able to withdraw money from the bookmaker’s account.

CS:GO Live Betting Tips

Strategies must be applied meaningfully and not forget about the nuances of esports, CS GO including:

  • Do not focus only on the team, even if it has been strong in several matches. The composition of the team may change, and how new gamers will play in it is unknown. So, young teams can play well, and the odds for them are quite low. Take advantage of this information.
    In online tournaments, gamers can behave more confidently than in LAN matches, that is, in clubs, on sites. The reason is the views of the audience.
  • Study the statistics of past CS GO matches and analyze the information.
  • Not all maps are played equally well by the team. Statistics data and analysis of actions on cards are powerful knowledge.
  • Not sure about the choice of the outcome for the pre-match competitions, betting csgo on live matches. If bots are playing, you can analyze the game for 10 minutes and make a bet based on the findings.
    Losing the score does not mean losing the game. For each significant event, the team receives money. For them, you can purchase additional weapons. And she can win, even if she did poorly in the first rounds.
  • Learn the nuances of CS GO, or at least play it yourself. You can study the terms that are used in the game: picks, bans, map pool, map, the number of rounds on the map and required to win, etc.
  • CS GO is an exciting eSports discipline with the ability to make money on bets. It should be borne in mind that each bookmaker determines the outcomes itself:
    victory on the map or in separate rounds, taking into account only regular time or overtime, since the results result in a draw.