What you need to know about Starcraft 2 match betting?

It is very likely that the king of real-time strategy (RTS) was Starcraft, released in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment. It was the game that most attracted the attention of those looking for a balanced competitive online multiplayer game. The gameplay is focused on building a base with various buildings around important centers – mainly mineral and gas fields. Players mine minerals and gas to spend on the formation of army units and the construction of more complex buildings that open up access to even stronger units. The ultimate goal is to use your units to destroy the enemy base and its units, and, in turn, prevent such events from your side.Parimatch Betting on StarCraft


Types of bets on Starcraft 2

There are many different ways people can make Starcraft 2 betting, especially through Parimatch bet.

The most popular type of Starcraft betting is betting on who will win a specific match. In some matches from the professional league, you can bet on the outcome of an individual match in the lineup, or on a specific team that must win in the series.

In tournaments, you can place futures bets on who will win the tournament, or how many games you think a particular player or team will win.

Some sites allow players to make esports betting Starcraft for multiple outcomes in different esport events, including Starcraft 2. These bets are very difficult.Parimatch Betting on StarCraft

Find out about the players you can bet on

Don’t bet until you have a clear understanding of who you are going to bet on. The best sources of information on Starcraft 2 are little known compared to the mountains of analytics on the top sports games, but most of the information you come across will be of some use to you (and some will be critical even for casual fans).

You need to conduct a specific analysis of each player, including:

  • The player’s success rate against a specific race or on a specific map.
  • Whether the player is using unexpected strategies.
  • The player is better or worse in terms of micromanagement than his opponent.
  • What is the efficiency of a player with a specific type of units.
  • Personal information about the player, the status of his current team.
  • Deep knowledge of the player’s history and growth in esport.
  • Players can bet virtual goods from their Steam accounts through different sites.

Starcraft 2 is an extremely challenging game with high entry barriers and a challenging learning curve for both players and observers, and the best possible way to learn how to make successful bets is to listen to a good commentator and observe good players.

Head over to the Starcraft betting site and start playing.