Types of Esports Bets on Parimatch

Tournaments are single and team tournaments. The team consists of progamers (from 1 to 15), a captain and a coach. Opponents compete in a specific computer game. The main condition is the absence of a pronounced element of randomness that can affect the result. Main disciplines: sports simulations, strategies, puzzles, fighting games, battle arena battles, first-person shooters.


The most popular games today are Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, FIFA.

Esport betting – types:

Main result (winner of the match or round);
The specific result of the action;
Forecast for the winner of the tournament;
Total over / under;
With a handicap;
All kinds of statistical indicators.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most popular MOBA game. The game was created by the Valve developers in 2013. Dota 2 is widely regarded as the most successful game in the esports industry. Its audience is almost a million users a month. The most prestigious International Championship in 2018 was followed by over 14 million spectators. Esport gaming betting Dota 2 is extremely popular right now.

In a Dota 2 match, two groups of five players take part. Each participant chooses his hero from more than 100 options. Heroes have unique abilities and characteristics, the choice of which depends on the outcome of the game. The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s fortress, the so-called Ancient.

Cs Go

One of the best shooters of all time, Counter Strike is taking over the esports world. The fourth edition of the game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, was a real breakthrough in the history of game development. The game was released by Valve in 2012. Now more than 800 thousand users play CS: GO every month. The new edition of the beloved shooter is not only distinguished by improved graphics and details, but exciting missions. Watching players and betting CS: GO just got more fun on the esport betting site PokerMatch.

League of Legends

The release of “League of Legends” or LoL took place in 2009, and after 5 years the number of players exceeded 100 million, and the game spread throughout the world. In some countries (for example, Taiwan), League of Legends is played by 5 to 10% of the total population of the state.

League of Legends rules are pretty simple. This is a team strategy where the player teams up with allies to be the first to destroy the enemy’s nexus – the center of his base. Whoever got ahead of the opponent in this task won. It sounds simple, but the strategy would not have an army of fans if it were not for the mass of the game’s features.

The strategy begins with the fact that each gamer chooses a champion for himself – the character he will play. There are more than a hundred of them in the list, and each is endowed with unique abilities – the developers are pretty confused. In the process of battles, characters gain experience and proportionally increase their strength. Gamers also earn points for passed levels and choose what skills they want to develop. The strategy forces players to calculate moves in advance, unite in teams and use the strengths of their characters precisely within the teamwork, which is why the game gained such popularity in a short time.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is the next in the Starcraft strategy series. The first game in the series hit its peak in the late 90s, almost immediately after its launch in 1998. The game tells us the story of Jim Raynor, a Confederate officer who dedicated his life to fighting the zerg – alien creatures that attacked his world. The new game appeared 12 years after the release of the first edition and immediately fell in love with fans of the original series. 3 million copies have been sold in just a month since the game was released. Betting on Starcraft 2 is now more popular than ever.

Starcraft 2 features three races of heroes. People belong to the “Terran” race, who were sent to new planets with the aim of colonizing them. The Protoses are the most advanced race, with technology superior to any other Terran ability. And “zerg” are insects, alien creatures that have developed significantly in the field of biotechnology. Each race belongs to a specific campaign in the game, and the gameplay is built on their opposition and cooperation between each other.


Overwatch is one of the most popular shooters from the gaming industry giant Blizzard Entertainment. The game was first released in November 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as for the Windows operating system. In less than 4 years since its release, the game has amassed over 40 million players from all over the world. Betting esport Overwatch is already available on the Parimatch website.

The gameplay is based on exciting battles between teams of 6 players each. The huge variety of game modes allows gamers to choose the one that suits them best, and also helps to diversify the gameplay in general. Each player chooses his hero, who is endowed with certain abilities and skills. All heroes are divided into three categories: tank, damage and support. There are 30 heroes to choose from in each category.

In-play eSports betting

The main advantage of esport betting odds during the game is that it gives the player the opportunity to evaluate what is happening, how the teams are working, and to make a more accurate assessment of the match.

When betting on LoL and Dota 2, players will certainly be helped by knowing the line-ups between individual heroes, the experience of playing specific players / teams on selected characters – all this affects how the match will end. It is also important to keep track of the progress of the match, movement between lanes, early kills and destruction of buildings, as well as how the difference in gold and experience fluctuates.

One of the most important factors in CS: GO betting is knowing the different maps and how teams play those maps. Since some cards are suitable for terrorists or counter-terrorists (and some teams are stronger on both sides), knowing which team is more likely to be ahead or behind after the first half will help you in your betting.

Mobile eSports betting

It can be even more convenient to place bets on a mobile device than on a computer or laptop. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Even during a break from work, you can place bets and win money.

Parimatch Esports Payment Methods

Payment systems for replenishing your account can be as follows:

  • Bank cards: VISA, MasterCard;
  • Electronic money: QIWI wallet, Webmoney;
  • Internet banks;
  • Mobile commerce.

Parimatch Esports Bonus

From time to time, “Parimatch online betting” hosts profitable bonus promotions related to betting on e-sports in general or Dota 2 in particular. For example, during one of the last promotions in Parimatch, 700,000 rubles were raffled among the players who made the largest number of bets on e-sports.