LOL Betting Odds

They can be presented in American format or decimal. Bookmaker Pari match portals use only decimal, so we will talk about it. For example, let’s take a match iG (1.63) vs. Gambit (2.20). The odds help to calculate the amount you will receive if lol betting plays. If you put $ 100 on iG, you can win $ 163 (profit will be $ 63), and the same bet on Gambit will bring $ 120 (2.20 * $ 100 = $ 220 – the total winnings).


There are also scatter bets. In bo3 matches, you can bet that the team will win without defeat with a score of 2: 0 (-1.5) or be able to win at least one map (+1.5). They are more likely to win, especially in fights where there is a favorite.

Follow lol betting odds and win money.

Parimatch Betting on LOL

In-play LOL Betting at Parimatch

For esports lol betting to be more successful, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Counter pick is the choice of a specific character who is most comfortable to play against an enemy character. This is a kind of counterattack that develops even at the stage of selection. Simply put, if a player knows which champion he has to stand on the lane against, then he can take his counter-pick and thereby make the game easier for himself;
  • The tournament takes place over LAN or online – it’s all about the interaction of players with each other. Esports players can play online more relaxed when they are not sitting in a hall filled with hundreds of fans, but in this situation, some difficulties may arise with intra-team communication, because all pre-match strategies will be discussed through team communication, and not in person. On the other hand, during a LAN tournament, the players’ level of interaction with each other significantly increases, since they are all in the same room and can talk face to face in between games. Do not forget that the success of a certain team in a LAN tournament and online may differ;
  • The superiority of the first tower – being the first to destroy the tower and let your minions into the “push” territory – this is a very important factor. Having an advantage on one of the lines, players can concentrate on “pushing” it. It is the factor of the first successful destruction that sometimes determines the entire course of the meeting. However, it is also worth considering the work of the “foresters”, whose task is to “farm” (accumulate) gold and destroy key bosses.

Parimatch Betting on LOL

Parimatch League of Legends Bonus Offers

On the lol betting website you will find information about promo codes, promotions and bonuses. You no longer need to monitor the website of each company yourself – all the most interesting and profitable is already at Parimatch.

You can get promotions like this:

  • Valuable prizes – different gifts can be won in these promotions.
  • Promotional points – bonus points are awarded in these promotions. They can be used for betting.
  • Bk welcome bonuses – this mark is placed on promotions that bookmakers arrange for new users. Here you can get a bonus for registering with a bookmaker.
  • Lotteries are the most interesting and profitable draws where, by betting a small amount, you can win a large prize.
  • Bet insurance – the essence of such promotions is that bookmakers return money to users if some lol esports betting has not played in whole or in part.

League of Legends Events

Project 2021 – League of Legends

Upgrade your software to the latest version by purchasing the Project 2021 mega-kit for 15246 RP. It includes the Champions listed below and their PROJECT skins, as well as the border icons and PROJECT totem. If you already have these champions (partially or completely).

  • Project: Mordekaiser
  • Project: Sejuani
  • Project: Renekton
  • Project: Senna
  • Project: Silas
  • Project: Varus

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